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Water has always been synonymous with wealth.
Qi, disperse while riding with the wind. Stall when reaching the Water's edge.
Water stores Qi. It is commonly used in the form of fountains, ponds, waterfalls, aquariums, and water sculptures.

Do you ever feel like someone has stabbed you in the back? 

In Feng Shui, the command position is with your back protected and with a view to the front, which prevents this from occurring.

It applies to your desk and couch.

Jun Feng Shui Consultant Naples Florida.
Modern House
A staircase should not face the main entrance. 
This creates a rush of Qi and drains the money from the house.
It is a visual Sha Qi and needs to be remedied.

Kitchens are probably the most challenging room because modern design maybe completely opposite from a Feng Shui approach.

Modern Kitchens use excessive chrome, aluminum and sheet metal. Feng Shui, however, seeks to create a balance of the Five Elements.

If the space allows, try not to have the stove (Fire) and the sink (Water) next to each other (it is a metaphor of couple's quarreling and fighting).

Modern Kitchen
Dining Room and Kitchen Interior

Circles represent inclusion, unity, and wholeness.

In Feng Shui, round dining tables are always preferred. It is a metaphor of the entire family being united.

They are good for communicating as well.

A bed should not be positioned in front of a doorway or a window.
Use a wall that is off of the door and window but still allows you to see the doorway from your bed.


Jun Feng Shui Consultant Naples Florida.