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孫 俊   Sun Jun

(Jun is the first name)

also known as

Jun Sun Filthaut

A child of God

Feng Shui Practitioner

Founder of Jun Feng Shui

Certified at American Feng Shui Institute

Certified at New York Institute of Art & Design (in Feng Shui Interior Design)

WSET Level 3 Award in Wines

Feng Shui Consultant Naples Florida Jun Feng Shui

In coincidence or destiny, Jun was born and raised in Luoyang, China - the ancient capital of 13 dynasties where Lo Shu (Bagua) originated. 


Jun has been greatly influenced by traditional Chinese Feng Shui from a very young age. Jun's grandmother was a devout Taoist, who was very blessed with the ability to heal. Witnessing healing sessions and ceremonies has planted the seeds of her growing interest of Ancient Chinese Culture.

With the world changing, Feng Shui has become popular in North America and Europe in the recent years. People are more and more aware of how we influence our environment and how our environment influences us. Since there is so much misinformation out there, especially with all the "new age" practices, people easily get confused about what Feng Shui really is and how we can benefit from this more than three thousand years' wisdom.


18 years in international trade having good understanding of both Asian and Western cultures, Jun hears the calling and has decided to become the carrier of her ancestors' legacy.

In her spare time, Jun studies Yi Jing 易經 (also called I Ching, translated as Book of Changes), which is among the oldest of the Chinese classics. It is the foundation of Feng Shui. Except cooking and traveling, Jun is also a wine lover. Holding WSET Level 3 Award in Wines, she is now working on her Level 4 Diploma in Wines. To those who know Jun best, she is simply a self-motivated entrepreneur who appreciates every little thing in life, and is dedicated to sharing blessing with others.

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