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Which calendar do we use in Feng Shui? The Solar Calendar or the Lunar Calendar?

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In Feng Shui, it is neither the Solar Calendar nor the Lunar Calendar but the Twenty-four Solar Terms we use. What are the Twenty-four Solar Terms?

o Beginning of Spring (Feb 3-4)

o The Rains (Feb 18-19)

o Insects Awakening (Mar 5-6)

o Vernal Equinox (Mar 20-21)

o Clear and Bright (Apr 4-6)

o Grain Rain (Apr 19-20)

o Beginning of Summer (May 5-6)

o Grain Buds (May 20-22)

o Grain in Ear (Jun 5-6)

o Summer Solstice (Jun 21-22)

o Slight Heat (Jul 7-8)

o Great Heat (Jul 22-23)

o Beginning of Autumn (Aug 6-9)

o Limit of Heat (Aug 22-24)

o White Dew (Sep 7-8)

o Autumnal Equinox (Sep 22-24)

o Cold Dew (Oct 7-9)

o Frost Descent (Oct 23-24)

o Beginning of Winter (Nov 7-8)

o Light Snow (Nov 22-23)

o Heavy Snow (Dec 7-8)

o Winter Solstice (Dec 21-23)

o Slight Cold (Jan 5-6)

o Great Cold (Jan 19-21)

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