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Seeing Traditional Chinese Feng Shui through Traditional Chinese Architecture with Jun (E1)

Feng Shui Consultant Naples Florida Jun Feng Shui

The traditional Chinese gardens are generally classified as imperial gardens (of emperors’) and private gardens (of literati, scholar-officials, bureaucrats and wealthy businessmen’s).

The essential elements of traditional Chinese gardens are rocks, ponds, flowers, trees and architecture.

The garden designers pursued poetic and picturesque landscapes that are natural, simple, quiet and secluded. They also integrated a lot of culture into the art of gardening.

To the occupants, the garden does not only meet their needs of living, but also provide emotional sustenance.

Feng Shui has been developed by observing nature and its power, and by acknowledging the natural forces and man’s interaction with these forces. Integrating nature into our living environment is a big part of creating harmonious flow.

It is necessary to point out that removing natural features is not integral to the ethics of Feng Shui. If the natural features carry too much destructive energy, we always first try to avoid or neutralize it instead of trying to compete with it.

(To Be Continued)

Feng Shui Consultant Naples Florida Jun Feng Shui

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