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What Feng Shui says about Life Cycle 9?

Feng Shui Consultant Naples Florida Jun Feng Shui

Life Cycle 9 starts from Feb 4, 2024 and ends 2043.

In Feng Shui, 9 is associated with Fire. In Feng Shui Bagua, 9 is associated with Li Gua. Li Gua is associated with the second daughter of the family or middle aged women. Li Gua is also associated with our eyes and heart.

If you look at the Li Gua of the Master Trigram, it is represented by two solid lines top and bottom with one broken line in the middle. The line on the top represents heavens. The line on the bottom represents the earth. The line in the middle represents humans. The straight line represents Yang energy (active and dynamic). The broken line represents Yin energy (stagnant and passive).

What is the interpretation of the next 20 years from the perspective of the Traditional Chinese Feng Shui then?

There is high tendency for intensified conflicts, climate-related hazards, explosions, fires, earthquakes, eyes, heart and mental related illnesses, and sudden death caused by vigorous exercise.

Middle aged women will be thriving.

Feng Shui is not fortune telling. It is simply a statistic from ancient China that has been developed for more than three thousand years.


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