If you are having trouble having a good night’s sleep, this might be why

How to improve sleep quality with Feng Shui?


A good night’s sleep could help improve our health, memory and decision-making.

From the perspective of traditional Chinese Feng Shui, the ideal position for the bed is to have the headboard against a solid wall that has no openings (for example windows or doors) and the other side of the wall has no draining energy (for example a bathroom or a stairway).

If you are having trouble having a good night’s sleep, this might be why from the perspective of Feng Shui:

#1 - The room is way too big

Qi needs to be collected. When the room is big or the ceiling is high, Qi disperses.

#2 - Have a mirror reflecting the bed

Mirrors have reflected light. The ray from this reflected light is a health hazard. The bigger the mirror, the more destructive. If you are currently experiencing partner cheating or wanting to have a baby but not happening, suggest you remove the mirror as early as possible.

#3 - Have arts or photos with human figures in

Every object carries energy. Where there is a figure, there is a spirit. Despite who are in the photos, human figures need to be avoided in the bedroom. In a room where you allow your body to repair and get ready for the next day, you need to provide an environment with energy (both visible and invisible) that is as pure and clear as possible.

#4 - The other side of the headboard wall is a stairway or a bathroom

Stairways and bathrooms are draining energy. Even it is on the other side of the wall, the energy is so destructive that it greatly affects your sleep quality. If you are currently ill or in the process of healing, suggest you reconfigure your bed as early as possible. Having a stairway or bathroom on the other side of the headboard wall slows down your recovery.

#5 - Your headboard is right under a window

Sleep under a window could trigger respiratory diseases and illnesses. The noise and light from outside could trigger disturbed sleep.

Since we all have different energy level, even the same home designs could affect us differently. If you are currently having trouble having a good night’s sleep and you are looking for a solution, try Feng Shui. What if it really works?

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