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Living Feng Shui in My Own Environment

Feng Shui Consultant Naples Florida Jun Feng Shui

In Dec 2020, when I got my WSET Level 3 Award in Wines qualification, it was one of the greatest breakthroughs of my life. I still remember those days when I traveled to Miami back and forth for classes and all the prestigious Bordeaux that I had to spit out. It is also worth to mention that I had learnt driving and got my driver license only a few months before.

After that, it would be the May 11 event at FineMark. I have transformed.

Except all the supports from my Heavenly Father, family and friends, practicing Feng Shui in my own living environment has been a big part of it too.

"Why am I so scared of public speaking"? I have been trying hard to identify my core issue. I look deep in and around my home looking for an answer.

I hoard. Hoarding communicates to our subconscious that we are in need, a message that can become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Fear of uncertainty. I am battling a fear of the unknown - I think I know what it is now.

To tackle this, I take the exercise of releasing. When I give items away, I visually attach my fear to the objects that I am letting go.

The next event I will do better!


Feng Shui Practitioner

Founder of Jun Feng Shui

May 22, 2023 in Naples, Florida

☯️ Feng Shui is an art of living in harmony with our environment. Modern, contemporary or mediterranean, no matter which style your home is, the concept of Feng Shui can be implemented. Integrate Feng Shui into your home designs to enhance health, happiness and prosperity.


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